We Control What’s Hot!

Wise words from Diddy that explain exactly what we are about here at Camp. 


Wise words from Diddy that explain exactly what we are about here at Camp.

The story of Camp is the story of Camp’s founding team’s upbringing. We’re from Long Beach, California – we went to school in the inner city. Nobody there is talking about technology. They’re not the first to know what’s new or asked what they want in a product. The tech industry operates in a bubble – Silicon Valley is a world of its own – and the urban community is certainly not on their top priority of places to genuinely serve. Companies operating inside the bubble often forget that there is a whole populace who think and act differently than them.

This idea that the average person is often underserved by the tech community stuck with all of us coming out of Long Beach. At the higher levels of business you rarely (if ever) hear, “I wonder what those kids in the inner city would think about this product” or “I wonder what features they think would be good to add.” We wanted to be the solution to this. As a brand and an app we want to create an environment that allows for democracy. Communicate the way you want, get rewarded to do it, and don’t allow the brands that don’t genuinely care about your culture monetize your way of life. As Diddy said, “We control what’s hot out here. We are fashion. We are music. We are sports. We are lifestyle, we are the story.”


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